Module 1
Ask Good Questions
Module 2
Finding Information
Module 3
Selecting the Best
Module 4
Putting it Together
Module 5
Your Presentation
Module 6
Making the Grade

Getting Started Teachers

Welcome to R4S: Research for Success the online Information Literacy course for high school students. 

If you are a teacher, please complete the "Request Materials" form on the far right of this page.  Once you have completed this form, you will receive an email with information on how to access the teacher guide, learning management system widgets, and complimentary tools to assist in classroom instruction.

The modules in this course along with the teachers guides are provided to educators free of charge.  Each module may be used individually or the entire series of modules may be used as the foundation for the Information Literacy portion of the standards requirements within the discipline you teach.


The R4S: Research for Success consists of six self-paced learning modules, designed to be used in a blended learning environment and integrated into a research project.  Each module focuses on skills and thinking needed in successful research and problem-solving that can be applied both to school and college research and to problems they will encounter in careers and daily life. The syllabus is available to educators who have registered.

R4S is designed to be used in a blended learning environment, combining the online delivery of educational content with classroom interaction and live instruction.  R4S is designed to be used from this website.  To accommodate institutions using learning management systems, INFOhio is developing widgets for each module that can be imported into any course management system. The widgets are available to educators who have registered.

R4S provides self-assessment opportunities in each module.  In addition, R4S provides an initial and a final assessment developed by Kent State University.  Information about the assessment and suggested grading option is available when you register as a teacher.  Completing the assigned research project provides practical skill application and both formative and summative assessment as determined by the instructor.


Each module provides opportunities to engage in learning by reading, watching videos, participating in games, applying the learning in example activities, participating in class discussions, and applying the process to a real research problem. The following icons are used to represent different types of learning activities.

Make a choice among options
Watch a video
Participate in a discussion
Participate in an activity
Read (screen or document)
Self-check Quiz
Play a game

R4S learning tools have been carefully selected from college, university and business Internet resources.   Download the Technical Requirements, share this information with technology coordinators, librarians, students and parents to ensure a successful experience.

R4S includes multiple learning opportunities provided to meet various learning preferences as well as disabilities.  Whenever possible, a script or closed captioning is included with videos.






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