Module 1
Ask Good Questions
Module 2
Finding Information
Module 3
Selecting the Best
Module 4
Putting it Together
Module 5
Your Presentation
Module 6
Making the Grade

Voki script

Knowing how to identify accurate, reliable, quality information can help you make the best decision and create the best product or project.

We seek information to assist in decisions every day. What is the wisest meal choice to keep me healthy and keep my budget low? What app will lead to the information I need? What cell phone plan will provide the best service for the lowest price?

Knowing how to select the best information will save you time and might save you money.

To begin, listen to the Voki by clicking on the play button.

By the end of the module you will be able to state:

  • I can find information to answer my research questions or solve problem by using the advanced search features of appropriate databases and search engines.
  • I can evaluate information from a variety of formats when researching.
  • I can use technology tools to gather relevant information effectively and efficiently.

Note: Your teacher may ask that you assess your research skills with the TRAILS category assessment: Evaluate Sources and Information. Be sure to ask your teacher about TRAILS.


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