Module 1
Ask Good Questions
Module 2
Finding Information
Module 3
Selecting the Best
Module 4
Putting it Together
Module 5
Your Presentation
Module 6
Making the Grade

Academic faculty often complain about students getting the information for their research from low-quality websites. When selecting resources for research or to solve a problem, selecting the best information is important. Now that you have learned about scholarly vs. popular resources, lets look into additional factors to examine in your resources. Then try your hand at evaluating the websites you have collected for your project.

Directions: Begin with #1 and work through #4 below.

#1 video image Watch the video, The Importance of Investigating the Author. While you watch, note the areas to consider when determining if information is credible.
#2 video image

Watch the video tutorial, The CRAAP Test.  As you watch, take notes on ways to evaluate information.


Download and use this C.R.A.P. Website Evaluation Checklist Word document or interactive PDF to review web-based information.


Evaluate the sources you have bookmarked in Diigo using the C.R.A.P. Website Evaluation Checklist  Word document or interactive PDF. Note your evaluation on your Diigo bookmarks with sticky notes.

#5 game icon

Play the Web Evaluation Game and test your skills!


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