Module 1
Ask Good Questions
Module 2
Finding Information
Module 3
Selecting the Best
Module 4
Putting it Together
Module 5
Your Presentation
Module 6
Making the Grade

All presentations need to include content, a focus and citations.

Here are some tips for:

  • focusing your presention by creating a thesis statement
  • formating your citations based on your required style, MLA or APA

Directions: Begin with #1 and work through #8 below.

#1 Focus your presentation by creating a Thesis Statement. Read the section about Thesis Statements.

Try out the Thesis Generator to help you generate your own thesis statement with the ideas you have. Keep in mind that you might want to revise your thesis statement several times as you move along with your research.

#3 game icon Determine the citation style you need for your project, MLA or APAKnowing what you are citing and understanding the differences in citation styles is important in writing research papers. Then Download the APA Review Sheet or MLA Review Sheet, saving it in Evernote or Zotero. Then Practice either MLA or APA citations with the Citation Game. 
#4 game icon  Test your citation knowledge by Playing this Tic-Tac-Toe Citation Game

Explore these citation tools.  Determine the similarites and differences in these tools. Bookmark the citation tools in Diigo for future citation needs. Keep in mind that all citations generated by these tools should be thoroughly checked for accuracy.

#6 game icon Save citations in EBSCO. When you are searching in EBSCO be sure to save the citation when you save articles for your project.  You can copy the citation when you choose to Print, Email, or Save the article using the links at the top of the page.  Choose the option for the brief citation and the style you need from the pull down. Then copy the citation EBSCO gives you.

Read the general guidelines for Copyright and Fair Use.  If you need to ask permission to use or link to a source, follow these guidelines from INFOhio (a sample letter is included).

Read, work through, and save the document, Decision Tree, if you plan to use some video you have found in your final project. 

#8 game icon

Using Zotero? You can choose from many citation styles. Learn how you can use Zotero plugins with Microsoft Word. 

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